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"Perry Smith is an excellent choice to mediate employment law disputes.  He carries the credibility of significant management side experience, while gaining the confidence of plaintiffs with his successes in plaintiffs' employment matters.  His knowledge of the applicable law is superb, yet he maintains a pragmatic approach to conflict resolution. I would recommend Perry Smith without reservation." -- Employer's Counsel





Perry Smith
is an attorney-mediator committed to the resolution of employment-related disputes. In every mediation, whether in his private practice mediating all types of employment-related disputes or in his capacity as a member of the Los Angeles Superior Court Alternative Dispute Resolution panel, Mr. Smith applies a combination of his strong knowledge of employment law and experience as a litigator, his thorough preparation for each individual mediation and his commitment to achieving resolution. [Click Here for Full Bio]


The facts and the law matter. We understand that some mediators fail to give the facts and the law their due during the mediation process, especially in employment disputes. Knowledge and experience in employment law and related litigation are vital to the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the parties' positions in employment disputes. A factual and legal analysis should never be overlooked or given only cursory attention. However, we understand that the facts and the law are not the only things that matter in resolving disputes that often involve heated and emotional issues. more...


We always read and analyze briefs thoroughly. We understand that some mediators request briefing and then give every indication at the mediation that the briefs have not been read or considered. We not only thoroughly read and analyze requested briefs, but review primary sources to more fully understand the parties' positions. We also engage the parties in pre-mediation conference calls to discuss any issues that will assist in the most productive use of the mediation day. more...


We are invested in achieving resolution. Our reputation depends on how effective we are in helping parties reach resolution. An oft-stated criticism of mediators is that they do not demonstrate a genuine investment in getting the job done. We are committed to reaching resolution, and will engage in a serious and ongoing effort to get there. more...


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